12 October 2011

UPDATE: 10.12.11

As a reminder, we do not have class on October 17th due to Fall Break. Enjoy the time off, but you will be expected to have several assignments completed for our next session on October 24th; they are as follows:

1) Read chapter 5 in Kinzie, titled "Trope and Thought," which can be found on pages 142-186.

2) Write a new poem for class. As always, first compose a 250 to 300 word prose meditation, read the assigned Kinzie, then revise your prose meditation based upon concepts covered in our reading.

3) The following students must email me their new poems by October 19th, and I will, in turn, email them to the entire class for work-shopping purposes: Miranda, Kelly, and both Matthews.

4) Everyone must provide hand-written comments (directly on a hard-copy of the student poems) for all four students. If you are one of the students providing us your poems, you must comment on the other three poems. This comments must be done before our next class and be as rigorous and critical as the comments I provided on your poems during our conferences. Please be prepared to share our thoughts about these poems in a instructive and helpful manner.

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