25 October 2011

UPDATE: 10.25.11

Since we did not get a chance to work-shop Kelly's poem in class yesterday, we will begin with her poem during the second-half of our next class. In addition to her poem, I will need new poems from Kim, Kaitlin, and Samual emailed to me by 10PM Thursday night so that I can get them to the rest of the class by Friday morning at the latest. Again, please make sure you write your feedback and revisions directly on the hard-copies and before class.

Furthermore, for next class session, please read Chris McCreary's Undone: A Fakebook. Afterword, please write a 1-page, single-spaced review of the collection. If any of you need a refresher on the general parameters of these reviews, you can find them in the previous Limรณn post.

Below is the list of poem assignments. Please focus on the poem you are assigned; toward the end of the review, if you would like to, you can expand outward and connect your particular poem to the collection at-large, drawing comparisons, resonances, and like-minded issues, etc. between them:
Miranada: "Yesterday's Song"
Kelly: "Solitary Man"
Matthew Carter: "Two-bit Manchild"
Matthew Chanlynn: "Albatross"
Kimberly: "Botched Chupacabra"
Katlin: "Disinvited"
Samual: "Ethan Frome Goes"
Alyssa: "Half-Imagined Juju"
David: "Kultured Lycans"
Taylor: "Martyrs Need Onanism"
Jennifer: "Paris"
Jessica: "Quiet"
Ashley: "Rue"
Rachel: "Screaming Trees
Hailey: "Ultraviolence"
Lindsay: "We Were X"
Hanna: "Yoda"
Luke: "Zenith"
Joseph: "Pretty Monsters"
If, by chance, there is a poem you found to overwhelmingly compelling to you, and no one else is writing on it, email me and we can schedule a switch. Obviously, there are many more poems in this collection than there are students, so this shouldn't be a problem.

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