06 November 2011

UPDATE: 11.06.11

As a reminder (I mentioned this during class and it's also on the syllabus), you are to have the chapter "Rhetoric and Speech" and "Rhythm as Combination" in A Poet's Guide to Poetry (pages 187-214) read for class and ready to discuss.

Also, we will be work-shopping poems by Kim and Samual in tomorrow's class, both of which you've previously received and should have already commented on. An email has been sent to you with Alie's poem; please comment on it. We're going to try hard to get all three work-shopped in tomorrow's class session.

An additional note about workshops: Please, when discussing your peer's poems, focus on line breaks and half-meaning, syntactical structures and the manner in which they are dispersed across lines, the use of diction, the implementation of tropes, and the rhetoric of the speaker of the poem. Moreover, when offering you peers feedback, speak of/about the poems using the language and terms we've read in Kinzie. Not only will this demonstrate to me that you're reading and comprehending the texts, but it will provide us with a common language and clearly identifiable ways in which to assess the general merits of the poems we work-shop.

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