16 November 2011

UPDATE: 11.16.11

Class, as always, you will need to write a craft-based review of this week's poetry collection, which is Emily Carr's Directions for Flying: 36 Fits: A Young Wife's Almanac, quoting both the text itself and Kinzie's A Poet's Guide to Poetry when appropriate. Below are your individual poem assignments:
Miranada: "Sparrow"
Kelly: "Tiara"
Matthew Carter: "Home"
Matthew Chanlynn: "Birdbath"
Kimberly: "Piano"
Katlin: "Sprawl"
Samual: "Tongue"
Alyssa: "Lyric"
David: "O"
Taylor: "Child"
Jennifer: "Skyscraper"
Jessica: "Hinge"
Ashley: "Selvedge"
Rachel: "Mayfly"
Hailey: "Yolk"
Lindsay: "Limbo"
Hanna: "Bus"
Luke: "Groove"
Joseph: "Zoetrope"
Reviews will need to be turned in at the break during Monday's class session. Also, please be actively working on revising the five poems you've selected for your final portfolio. I'm expecting at least four substantial revisions for all five poems, as well as a paragraph or so that documents your revision history, etc. for each poem. These documents will not only outline what and how you've revised, but, most importantly, why you've revised.

Finally, Jessica, Ashley, and Hailey should email me poems for next week's work-shop by tomorrow night so I can send them out to the class.

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